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Exact Differentials, LLC
… a path-independent organization

Exact Differentials, LLC offers commercial and technical services, including on-site auditing, to the worldwide gas processing and conditioning industry. Your company can benefit from our knowledge of and experience with natural gas plants, ammonia plants, and refineries. We can provide efficient, accurate and reliable information to you in a timely manner to meet your gas processing needs. Exact Differentials has contacts established throughout the world to facilitate prompt and cost-effective responses. The following services are offered for your consideration:

Commercial Services:

  • Sales - Exact Differentials can help you evaluate your competitive position during a particular sales event. This includes setting pricing strategies, evaluating the value-added benefits your product brings to your customer, establishing selling tactics and strategies, and assisting in contract negotiations. We can advise you of the proper use and selection of agents.
  • Marketing - We can help you prepare a marketing plan for any product or process you are considering. This includes taking on narrow, specific assignments such as investigating your existing competitors strengths and weaknesses while assisting you in determining your potential opportunities. We can also help you expand your current marketing efforts.
Technical Services:
  • Feasibility Studies - Exact Differentials can conduct scoping and feasibility studies to help you evaluate different process schemes. This includes preparing capital and operating expense comparisons.
  • Plant Auditing - We can provide on-site auditing of unit operations within your plant using control room data, locally mounted instrumentation and operator interviews. Our plant audits are designed to help you improve your operational efficiency.

Exact Differentials specializes in molecular sieves, chemical and physical absorption, and membrane unit operations. On-site services will be provided by experienced, knowledgeable professionals. Each of our skilled professionals has traveled the world extensively and has a minimum of 15 years of field service experience.

Harvey M. Malino